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RMT Deck


No Other Wood comes Close

With Heveatech latest structurally superior Lamiated Veneer Lumber engineering and advancedproprietary wood impregnation technology. The primary concerns of wood structural stability, durability and insect infestations are no longer a concern.

Wood for external use was traditionally dominated by few species of solid hardwoods known for its durability and may be derived from non-sustainable sources. However these hardwoods are still prone to issues of stability, durability and pest infestations during its life of usage.

Heveatech is the long awaited solutions to these issues by surpassing all major parameters of dimensional stability, structural integrity, durability and pest infestations, where no other wood comes close.

Eco-friendly wood from everlasting sustainable resources

Heveatech is innovated with a mission to be the most environmental friendly wood product. With Heveatech advanced proprietary technology, Heveatech is far more superior than other wood products in terms of performance and durability.

Hevea wood, with high density grain and characteristics like Teak, whitish yellow when freshly cut and seasons to light brown have easy machining and working qualities.

Plantation trees intended for wood harvesting are felled and cut upon maturity in a short span cycle will affect the environment ans bio-diversity. However, Hevea wood derived from Hevea trees at farms are only felled and its logs “reclaimed” to prevent wastage after the end of its 25 to 30 years of latex producing lifespan.No intended falling of trees for wood, a simple justification why Hevea wood is the eco-friendly wood.


Heveatech decking

Heveatech excellent performance is why Heveatech is the preferred green choice for natural outdoor wood floor decking for architects, designers, builders and property proprietors.

Outdoor decking is exposed to harsh weather and tough elements. decking material must be able to withstand these challenges. Heveatech Decking is developed, tested and proven to withstand these challenges.

To meet all the requirements of how an outdoor floor decking should be made, Hevaatech Decking was developed specifically for.


Superior Structural & Dimensional Stability:
– Engineered for excellent performance in tropical & temperate climate for variable temperatures and water exposure.

-Resist termites, insects and natural abuse.

-Able to economically cater to variety of sizes in terms of extra widths and lengths unlike other conventional products.

Low Maintenance:
-Only normal maintenance, no extra wood treatment application required for cost savings.

-Wood colour, grain and appearance without artificial or “wood look alike” surface.

Ready to Install:
-No conventional wood decking requirement for full or partial season ing before final process, Heveatech Decking consistent wood moisture content level is ready for installation and finished at site.

An achievement no other natural wood decking comes close.


Fence, Doors, Windows, Frames & Almost Anything Wood


Heveatech is ideal for spaces where wood is needed to exude its warmth and alluring natural look without compromising performance whilst being eco-friendly.

Fences, doors, windows, frames & almost anything wood can be created from Heveatech.

Traditionally substituted with other materials due to concerns of wood performance, architects and designers can now design and specify wood applications using Heveatech. Ideas and designs suing wood are now beyond what was thought off limits.

Beyond building construction application, Heveatech provides solutions to many industries, a milestone amilestone achievement, bringing imagination and ideas to the next level where no other wood comes close.