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– Yellow Selangan Batu ( Balau )
– Yellow Meranti
– Red Meranti
– MLH ( Mixed Light Hardwood )
– Kempas ( Menggris )
– Arau
– Agathis
– Alan Batu
– Tapang
– Keruing
– Kapur
– Surian
– Pinewood
– Maca saw timber
– Teak mouldings
– Teak saw timber

Our buyers can order cut to size sawn timber. We handle mostly standard sizes of sawn lumber or sawn timber in the local Thailand business. But if the buyer have specialize needs, like for example they may want 20 pieces of timber that are 6 “ x 8” x 7m lengths, on a certain specie, our company can source for you for the logs to be cut in Sarawak or Sabah.